Page Last Modified: Sep 20, 2018

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How do I prevent new forum threads from being created?

Step-by-step guide

At any time during a discussion using Open Forums, you may want to prevent students from starting a new thread, only allowing replies to existing questions. This can be controlled by the Permissions of the individual forum.

  1. After creating the discussion forum, locate the Administration block and under Forum Administration click the Permissions link.
  2. Locate the listing labeled "Start new discussions" and click the X next to the "Student" role to remove it from the list.
    1. There is no save on this page so you can then navigate back to the forum.
  3. Students accessing the forum will no longer see the "Add a new discussion topic" button. They will only be able to read the questions you posted and reply.


  • You can check this from the student’s view by using the Switch Roll To feature.

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