How do I set up a Blackboard Collaborate Ultra session in my OnCourse course?

Step-by-step guide

  1. Navigate to your course in OnCourse
  2. Click Turn Editing On
  3. Click Add an Activity or Resource
  4. Choose Collaborate from the list

    Add an activity or resource - Collaborate

  5. Click Add
  6. Enter a session name
  7. Enter a Start time and date
  8. Change the Duration drop-down menu to "Duration of course"
  9. Checkmark "Allow Collaborate guest access"
  10. Change the Collaborate guest role to "Participant."

  11. Click Save

To share this session with another course, or with someone from outside of Fredonia

  1. Open the Collaborate session
  2. Click on the Guest links tab
  3. In the "Main session" box, copy the link by pressing the purple button with two pieces of paper. A message will appear that says "Link copied to clipboard."

    1. To share with someone from outside of Fredonia, email this "join link."
    2. To share with another OnCourse course, add this link using the URL tool in the other course.

Short URL to this page:


Information on how to join a Collaborate session in OnCourse is available for you and to share with your students.