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The Fredonia Information Technology Services (ITS) department is committed to providing members of the university community with reliable, secure and user-friendly technology in stable operating condition. In an effort to appropriately address the needs of the faculty and staff, ITS provides, on a per-request basis, local computer administrator privileges for individual university owned computers.

Levels of Access

There are two security access levels to a University owned computer: User and Administrator.

• User - Allows a great deal of powers to perform normal daily functions. The user access level will generally assure the highest level of stability for your computer.

• Administrator - Allows the client to have complete and unrestricted access level rights on their individual workstations. This includes the ability to install any hardware or software, edit the registry, manage the default access accounts, and change file level permissions.

Risks & Assumptions

The assumption of local computer administrative privileges on a University computer carries certain inherent responsibilities. Care must be taken due to the potential loss of data, compliance with copyright laws, and potential threat of compromise.

Data Security - university computer users who are granted administrative privileges should be aware that using an account with administrative privileges makes the user computing environment extremely susceptible to spyware, viruses and potentially damaging security breaches. The institution is bound by federal and state law to protect our sensitive data from unauthorized use (FERPA, HIPAA, GLBA).

Data Loss - university computer users who are granted administrative privileges should be aware that they would become fully and solely responsible for any data that is stored locally on the computer they are administering and as such must exercise due diligence in providing a backup mechanism to ensure against the potential loss of any data. Failure to implement a backup mechanism can result in permanent loss of any and all data.

Software Licensing & Copyright Laws - university computer users who are granted administrative privileges should be aware of copyright restrictions and licenses placed on ALL software installed on their systems as well as being aware that there exists severe criminal and civil penalties for noncompliance. University computer users do not have the authorization to agree to any software terms and conditions (End User License Agreements) on behalf of the university. Agreeing to End User License Agreements while installing software on university owned computers may subject the institution to laws of foreign countries and or states other than New York.

Requesting Computer Administrator Privileges

By default all members of the university community using NYS owned computers are granted User access level on their individual workstations. ITS provides local administrator access on an as requested basis for individual computers based on a valid business case.

To request local computer administrator privileges:

1. Have the Computer Administrator Privileges Request Form signed by yourself, your supervisor, and the Associate Vice President of Information Technology/Chief Information Officer.

2. Upon receiving the completed form, a link to a FredTraining course on the Computer Administrator Privileges Policy will be sent to the requestor.

3. After completion of the FredTraining course, a certificate of completion will be displayed. Print the completed certificate and send it to the ITS Service Center office in W203 Thompson Hall.

4. After the certificate of completion is received, ITS will add an administrative account to the machine(s) requested.

ITS staff will create a local administrator account on the requested individual computer for the user using their first name as the username and their default eServices password. Users will need to log in with their standard user AD account and only use the Admin account by elevating their privileges as needed to install, update software etc. The password assigned to the account, but must be changed immediately in accordance with the Fredonia Password Policy. Once the password of the administrator account has been set, the account will be maintained and managed by the account holder.

Best Practices

Do not use the administrative account as your primary account. Extended administrator privileges makes it exponentially easier to contract a virus or other form of malware. Use the administrator account for installation of software applications and other functions that require administrative rights. This will help protect your system from potential infections.

ITS will not be responsible for data on your system. Any data that is stored to the local drive and not your personal storage is your responsibility to backup.

Please contact the ITS Service Center (673-3407) should you need any assistance.

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