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To meet Fredonia ITS support requirements, Federal Information Security requirements, and NYS Procurement regulations, all software, licensing, and hardware (technology) procurements, and renewals need to follow the jointly-owned process from ITS and Finance and Administration below:

Step 1: Submit a Technology Procurement Request Request - Customer completes the Technology Procurement Request Form (also includes Sofware-as-a-Service). Upon submitting this form, a Tracker ticket is created to initiate the review of the request. NOTE: Until the completed Technology Procurement Request Form is received, procurements or renewals cannot be processed. All other contracts and licenses should be sent directly to

Step 2: Chief Information Officer Review - The ITS Chief Information Officer performs a review to determine if the request is a standard request or if it is a project. If it is a project, a project manager will be assigned and a project charter will be needed.

Step 3: ITS Service Center Review - The ITS Service Center(ITS SC) performs a technical, compatibility, and solutions analysis to ensure the software is compatible and can be supported within the existing Fredonia computing environment, or recommends/determines if similar software already exists. The ITSSC also identifies what ITS resources are required to provide support. NOTE: All software must be approved by the requestors Director, Dean, or Departmental chair as for possible ongoing financial commitments and permission to possibly utilize University regulated data (Cat - II & III).

 Step 4: Information Security Review - The Information Security Office (“ISO) performs an Information Security risk assessment using Federal and NYS standards to ensure that the software is secure and meets regulatory requirements. If the procurement is funded by the Research Foundation, the ISO will add the Interim Director, Grants & Sponsored Programs to the ticket as a participant. All software that uses University regulated data must be approved by the Information Security Officer or designee. 

 Step 5: Procurement Review: Upon the reassignment of the Tracker ticket to the Purchasing Department (“PD”), the PD will determine if a Terms and Conditions (TofC) / Terms of Use (ToU) contract review is required.

 If Necessary: Step 5a: Software Terms and Conditions Review: The PD will update the Tracker ticket and moves it into the Contract Services project queue for TofC / TofU negotiation.

 Step 6: Procurement Processing: Contract Services will update the Tracker ticket and include documentation illustrating the TofC / TofU was successfully negotiated (e.g. signed contract).  Contract Services moves the Tracker ticket back into the PD’s project queues. The PD  facilitates the Purchase Order (PO) generation from approvals found within Tracker and sends it to the customer.

 Step 7: Software Installation and License Registration: The ITS SC or designated ITS department (defined within the project charter and/or Tracker Ticket) receives and installs, configures, or integrates software and notifies the customer. 

Additional Information

  • This Technology Procurement Process is required by SUNY, NYS, and Federal regulations.
  • All technology procurements or renewals must follow this process regardless of the type of funding (State vs. Non-state). NOTE: All other contracts and licenses should be sent directly to
  • All Research Foundation funded technology procurements need to utilize the Technology Procurement Form and the above applicable steps will need to be completed.
  • Software or Software as a Service (SaaS) cannot be purchased via a state-issued procurement card and must be purchased via a state-issued Purchase Order.
  • This Technology Procurement Process can take up to 6 months to complete.
  • All terms & conditions, terms of use, terms of the agreement, end-user license agreement, etc must be reviewed and approved by the Director of Contract Services or the Director of University Services.
  • All software that uses University data must be approved by the Information Security Officer or designee.
  • All Software licenses need to be registered using the email account.

For detailed information regarding this process, please visit this link - Technology Request Process v4.5.pdf.

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