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Upload a recorded enhanced (multiple) video from your computer to Pantopto video.

This method requires use of either Internet Explorer (Windows) or Safari (Mac) with Silverlight installed.

Step-by-step guide

After you have logged into the Panopto system and have been granted Creator access:

  1. Select My Folder from the sidebar.
    My Folder icon
  2. Select the subfolder where you wish to upload your file, or Add folder.
    Add folder icon
  3. Select the Create drop-down menu.
    Create icon
  4. Select Build a session from the drop-down options.
    Create options
  5. Fill in the information on screen and then select Create and Edit button.
    Create and Edit screen
  6. Select Choose video or audio file in the top left quadrant.
    Build a Session screen
  7. Browse your computer filesystem to find the audio or video (with audio) to upload, and select Open. 
    Add a video screen
    Select OK to start the upload.
  8. You will see the progress of your upload (do not close window).
  9. Select Choose a video or Powerpoint file to browse and select your video (without audio) to upload.  Select Open then OK to start the upload.
  10. Once uploads are complete, you will be able to edit the name and change sharing permissions.
  11. Permissions should be set under Share for others to view video.  Be sure to select button named Save changes.
  12. You can then copy the Link to share.

After processing is complete, you can edit the video.

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