Page Last Modified: Mar 26, 2018

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Step-by-step guide

  • Scroll over My Workbench and then choose My Menus

  • Click on the name of the menu you want to edit

  • You will then see a list of menu items, or a blank list if you’re making a new list.  
    To add a menu item, you go to the bottom and click “Add new menu item

  • You will then see a form to you enter information about the menu item.  Follow the on-screen descriptions to make it fit what you need. You should not add anything in "Active Path"

  • Add a name, and parent item if it will be a child (secondary) menu item.

  • Item Type

    • Use Node to link to a page within our website

      • Start typing the title of the page to select the correct page

      • Use Link to link to a page not contained within

      • Use File to link to a PDF

How to make a drop menu (Create a parent menu item to contain other menu items)

  1. To make a parent item
    • Select Link as Item Type

    • Use # as the URL

    • Select Always Expand from When to Expand option.

  • Press the green button, Add Menu Item or Save Menu Item to finish editing the menu item.

  • If you wish to delete an item, then on the same line as the node item press the “delete” that’s on the same line

  • When finished adding and changing items, press the green button, Update Menu

  • Use the gray Reset Cache button to force the changes appear immediately on the public website. It can take 10-15 minutes to update any changes to the menu if you do not click Reset Cache.