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How to edit and publish a web page.


  • Drupal Web Publishers must attend a Drupal training. At the Drupal training, Web Publishers are granted access to create and edit web pages for their department website. Send requests for Drupal training to

Edit and Publish a web page

  1. To begin editing a Drupal page, click New Draft (or Edit Draft if your most recent page edits are not yet published).

  2. Make all the changes to the page you’d like to make.

    Title: Title shown on top of the page.

    Hero: Please visit for instructions.

    Office: This provides the related department information at the bottom of the page. 

    Statistics: Please visit for instructions.

    Body: Information that will be placed on the page's main content.

    Basic Page Widgets: Please visit for instructions.

    Hide Footer CTA: Select to hide the footer Calls to Action.

    Workbench Access Section: Selection of which department or Office will have edit rights to the page. 

  1. When you've made your changes, press Save & Preview.

  2. Review the changes.

  3. If you're satisfied, choose Published from the Set moderation state popup menu. Click the Apply button to publish the changes.