• Log into Drupal.

  • Click on Workbench, then on Menus

  • Filter for the name of the Site Menu that you want to edit and click Apply.

  • Click Edit menu on the right side to make changes to a Site Menu.
  • You will see a list of menu items, or a blank menu if you’re making a new Site Menu.  
    To add a menu item, click “Add link”.

    If you only need to edit an existing Menu item, click on Edit on the right side.

    Editing a menu item:

  • You will then see a form to you enter information about the menu item. 

  • Provide a Menu link title, which is what will be displayed.

  • Type the name of the page in the Link field to autocomplete OR paste a link.

  •  If you want to nest a menu item under a parent, choose a Parent link for your menu item (see below).

  • Click Save to set the Menu item.

  • Drag the menu item into the place you want it to fit, and click Save to set 

How to make a drop menu, with a parent menu item that contains other items.

  1. To set a parent item that links to a page, edit the parent menu item or add a new menu item and check Show as expanded.
    If you don't want the parent to link to a page, put <nolink> in the Link field, so only the parent title text appears, without linking to anything.

  2. Click Save.

  3. In your Menu Items list, edit the Menu items you want to be children and set the new Parent link for each child menu item.

How to make a Menu item open up in a new window

  1. Edit a Menu item in your menu or Add a new Menu link (see above).

  2. In the Edit menu link form, click on the Attributes section to open it.

  3. In the Target menu, select New window (_blank) and click Save.
    Your Menu Item link will now open in a new window.