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  1. Taking Attendance in OnCourse

    to "None." Type: Choose Point if attendance will count in the gradebook. Choose None if attendance will not count in the gradebook. Maximum Grade: Enter in the maximum grade a student can earn for the entire attendance cycle. If 2 points is given for each class attended and there are 45 meetings then the Maximum Grade
    OnCourse Knowledge BaseMay 07, 2019
  2. Create an Assignment in an OnCourse Gradebook

    of the Gradebook setup page click the "Add grade item" button In the "Item name" field enter the name of the assignment In the "Maximum grade" field enter the value of the assignment in points.  In the "Grade category" drop-down menu choose the category the assignment is associated with. If you are not using
    OnCourse Knowledge BaseMay 07, 2019
  3. Creating a Turnitin Assignment in OnCourse

    with the "Parts" drop-down menu. To link the Turnitin grade to the gradebook, enter in the Maximum grade and the Grade category for the assignment. Resources … be after the Due Date. If the grades are entered into the Grademark through Turnitin, this is the date the grades will be moved to OnCourse The Max Marks
    OnCourse Knowledge BaseMay 07, 2019
  4. Adding an Open Forum in OnCourse

    -down menu to Manual. Enter the Maximum Points. Choose a Grade category. Press Save and return to course, or Save and display to enter the Open Forum … the same. Discussion forums in OnCourse are called Open Forums. These can be for simple discussion but can also be graded. IMPORTANT: You will notice
    OnCourse Knowledge BaseMay 07, 2019
  5. Drop the Lowest Grade in OnCourse Gradebook

    How can I drop the lowest grade in a category in the OnCourse Gradebook? Step-by-step guide One or more grades can be dropped from the gradebook Log … on the drop-down menu and click the Gradebook Setup link. gradebook_setup.png Locate the category that contains the grades to be dropped. Click the Edit drop
    OnCourse Knowledge BaseMay 07, 2019
  6. Manually Grading Quizzes by Question in OnCourse

    How do I grade one question at a time? Step-by-step guide After a quiz is submitted, it may be helpful to grade all of a question at once. For instance, have all students' question #5 displayed at the same time. This can be done by using “manual grading.” Locate and open the quiz. Locate the green gear icon
    OnCourse Knowledge BaseMay 07, 2019
  7. How to View Grades as a Student

    How do I check my grades for a course in OnCourse? Step-by-step guide To check the grades for a course using the OnCourse gradebook: Login to OnCourse … the "Grades" link Grades_Link.png The student "User Report" will show If the left navigation pane is not showing, first click on the "hamburger" menu to expand
    OnCourse Knowledge BaseJun 03, 2019
  8. Grading Assignments and Giving Feedback in OnCourse

    How do I grade student submissions in an Assignment (drop box)? Step-by-step guide After the students have submitted, enter the Assignment and click the “Grade” button Alternatively, click the "View all submissions" button and then click the "Grade" button associated with the submission to be graded. Grading
    OnCourse Knowledge BaseOct 05, 2017
  9. Importing Grades into OnCourse

    How do I import grades from a spreadsheet into OnCourse? **Note** Importing a spreadsheet works best when the original spreadsheet is exported from … Setup link or in the Navigation block click the Grades link. gradebook_setup.png In the Gradebook click the Import tab. Press the “Choose a file…” button
    OnCourse Knowledge BaseMay 07, 2019
  10. Adding an Assignment in OnCourse

    Limit field and then enter in the word limit. If the students will need to upload more than one file to complete a single submission, change the “Maximum number of uploaded files” drop down menu to accommodate the number of files.  Feedback Types If you will be grading the assignment, the feedback types give options
    OnCourse Knowledge BaseMay 07, 2019