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  1. University Approved Electronic Data Storage

    In accordance with Fredonia’s Data Risk Classification Policy (see Data Examples), the following can be used for the campus community to determine what kind of University data can be saved where: Approved Fredonia Storage Options
  2. Data Risk Classification Policy

    to the University’s mission. All University data must be classified into one of three categories described in this policy and protected using the appropriate security measures consistent with the minimum standards for the classification category as described in related information/data security policies.   POLICY
  3. Data Security Program

    associated with our computing environment (e.g. data in transit and data at rest) in accordance with the Data Risk Classification Policy  University Approved Software List This table is for general data users
  4. Enterprise Data Services

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  5. Fredonia Mail Data Loss Prevention Policy for Credit Card Numbers (CCN) and Social Security Numbers (SSN)

    prohibited from being transmitted (sending or receiving) via email. Therefore, the Fredonia Mail Data Loss Prevention (DLP) Policy for Credit Card Numbers (CCNs … data.  The Fredonia Mail DLP Policy will utilize an advanced algorithm and internationally accepted key phrases to effectively filter and then bounce emails
  6. Tutor Trac - Load Data For Courses and Students SC

    Service Tutor Trac - Load Data For Courses and Students Service Manager Mike Gerholdt Department Enterprise Reporting and Development Contact Service Owner Mike Gerholdt Description Scheduling Tutoring Sessions Service Users User Services Business Services
  7. What if I don't have a data plan on my phone? What if I don't have a connection?

    The Duo smartphone app provides options that work without a data plan, a texting plan or even a connection, if necessary. The app can generate the required code without need of either a telephone signal or data plan, and it can do so anywhere in the world. If you have a signal and data plan, the app makes two-factor
  8. How To Access Cool Query Data Using Argos

    How can I access my Cool Query data using Argos?  Step-by-step guide Add the steps involved: Go to: Log on using your Fredonia E-Services user name and password Click Argos Web Viewer In the Explorer column, click **Cool Query Tools** Click CQ Interface
  9. What data is being collected by Duo?

    First Name Last Name Fredonia Email Address University Phone Number (only if the employee enrolls their University owned cell phone or landline) Personal Phone Number (only if the employee enrolls their personal cell phone or landline) IP Address of the device used to access a University protected service Date an
  10. MailingList_Instructions.pdf

    How to modify your data file to meet the following USPS standards: • Access the data file. Sort by Nation and Delete any non US addresses (if you do … printer when you submit the data file • Save your data file as Excel – versions 97 to Excel 2010. • Note: there should be only 1 worksheet in an excel