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  1. Do I need a smartphone to use Duo?

    No. Duo provides a great deal of flexibility and you do not need a smartphone to use it. The recommended smart mobile phone option makes two-factor authentication extremely easy, but a lot of other easy options exist as well. Duo can place a voice call to your office landline phone or cell phone. If you have
  2. Guide to the Duo Restore feature for Duo Mobile account recovery

    Starting with version 3.17, the Duo Mobile app includes a new feature called Duo Restore. This functionality enables Android and iOS Duo Mobile users to back up their Duo-protected accounts and recover them when they get a new device. Users must be able to complete two-factor at the Duo Prompt in order to recover
  3. Enroll a Landline or Cell Phone with Duo

    issues duo phone kb-how-to-article landline
  4. Duo Security Frequently Asked Questions

    What is Duo Security What is Two-Factor Authentication? Why is Fredonia implementing Duo Security
  5. What is Duo Push?

    Duo Push is a feature within the Duo Mobile app that delivers two-factor push notifications to your phone for fast and secure access. Duo Push is resilient against man-in-the-middle attacks that allow attackers to steal your password and your second factor. After logging in with your username and password, choose Duo
  6. Authentication via Duo Push

    The most common method is to use the push feature via the Duo Mobile app, whereby a challenge sent to your device requires that you confirm that your logon … where you have installed the Duo Mobile app. Press the Send Me a Push button to proceed. An alert will be delivered to the smartphone or tablet selected
  7. What are my options to enroll in Duo Security?

    and affiliates (e.g. campus community members) that have access to University regulated data are required to enroll in Duo Security. If you are required to enroll in Duo … Resources that your account will be provisioned automatically, please follow the instructions found at eServices Login with Duo
  8. Enroll a Security Key with Duo Security

    Enrolling your U2F Security Key You can enroll your security key during the initial self-enrollment process or, if you have already enrolled in Duo using a different device (like your mobile phone), you can add your U2F token as an additional authentication device from the Settings menu in your Duo screen. Initial
  9. Duo Student Employee Process.pdf

    Duo Student Employee Account Request Process The Information Security Office (ISO) will issue the student employee's supervising department head a new … . Duo Student Employee Account Supervisor Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) I
  10. Enroll a Tablet with Duo

    After initial setup, to add a new tablet to your Duo account: Go to the Settings menu in the Duo login screen and press the Add a new device link … Continue. SSAddTablet.JPG 4. Select your tablet’s operating system, then press the Continue button. SSAddTabletJPG.JPG 5. Install the Duo Mobile app