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How do I give extended testing time for an individual student, or make other date and time changes?

Step-by-step guide

  1. Log in to OnCourse
  2. Access the course containing the Quiz
  3. Access the Quiz by clicking on its name from the course page.
  4. In the Administration block, locate the Quiz Administration section, then click the User Overrides link.
  5. Locate the green gear icon on the upper right hand side of the page. From the drop-down menu select User overrides.
    Select the User Overrides Link from the drop-down menu.Image Added

  6. Press the Add User Override button.

  7. Select the username In the Search bar type the name of the student who needs accommodations.
    Search for the user in the search box. Select the needed user override settings including date the quiz opens and closes and the time limit allowedImage Added

  8. Check the Enable option next to the setting(s) needing modifications.
  9. Press the Save button.




  • To give extended testing time, select the Enable for Time Limit button, and set the desired limit.
  • To change the date that the Quiz should be available, click Enable the Open and Close Quiz options.

  • If you have multiple students to make changes to, use Save and enter another override button.
  • If a setting for a student needs to be reverted back to the default settings, select the user and then choose Revert to quiz defaults.


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