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  • The Messaging Gateway uses algorithms to distinguish between valid credit card numbers or valid social security numbers and other numeric strings of the same length and/or format. Valid numbers may not be actual numbers of either type.

  • Filter based on the presence of any known key phrases in the BODY & SUBJECT AND a number that is a valid credit card number regardless of format.Filter based on the presence of any of the known key phrases AND a number that is a valid  social or social security number regardless of format. 

  • Fredonia email accounts will be prevented from sending or receiving e-mail with a credit card or social security number and an associated keyword anywhere in the body, subject or attachment of email. If you are the sender, then you will receive an Non-Delivery Report notification (bounce message.)  If someone from outside of Fredonia sends to a email account such a message, they would receive the Non-Delivery Report notification.

  • Encrypted attachments cannot be scanned.  Therefore  contents of encrypted attachments will not trigger this policy.

  • The bounce notification will not contain a copy of the original email.