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  • Drupal Web Publishers must attend a Drupal training. At the Drupal training, Web Publishers are granted access to create and edit web pages for their department website. Send requests for Drupal training to



Drupal Web Publishers are no longer able to create their web pages in Drupal. Please follow the steps below to create a new page in Drupal.

Step-by-step guide

    Scroll over My Workbench, then scroll over Create Content, and select Page
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  1. You will see a blank template.  All you need to do is place all the needed information into the appropriate places.

  2. Specify a location of this page using Section. * = This field is required.

  3. Office is used to specify the department’s contact info.  You should always include an office for contact information. However, it is not required. 
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    When finished, press Save & Preview, and then press Publish when satisfied.
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    IMPORTANT: If you are creating new page for a website that was formerly hosted on or, or creating a new web page within a subsection of Music, PDC, Health Center,  or ITS, you will need to add a Menu Setting for your page so that the URL path for your page will appear correctly.
  4. Menu Setting can be found at the bottom of the Create Page.

  5. Check the box for Provide a menu link.
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    Choose a containing "parent" site name from Parent item. A Parent Site is a container for groups of sites. If your parent site is shown in the screenshots below under /about/offices or /student-life, then you will need to select that same parent site from the Parent Item.
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    Containing site names are only the parent site names circled in red:
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  6. Please use the Web Services Request form at to request a new Drupal web page. 
  7. Choose Create a new page or site from the Type of web service on the web form.
  8. Please provide the name of the new web page and the department or section of the website that it should appear in.
  9. The Web Team will create the requested page(s) and provide the link(s) for the page(s).
  10. Drupal Web Publisher adds content to the new page(s).