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A. Page URL: To edit the Page URL, log into Drupal, edit the URL Path Settings > URL Alias field. See:

B. Top Nav Menu: To request a change to the blue Top Nav Menu, send an email to


D. Background Image: To edit the Background image for your site, log into Drupal and edit the Office for your department. See:

E. Action Button: To add or edit an Action Button, log into Drupal, edit the fields in the Action Buttons section of the page. See:

F. Site Navigation Menu: To add or edit an Site Menu, log into Drupal, and choose My Workbench > My Menus. Click the name of the menu to edit. See:

G. Teaser text: To add or edit the Teaser text, log into Drupal

H. Page Image / Carousel: To add or edit a Page Image or Carousel, log into Drupal and edit the fields in the Page Image/Carousel section of the page. See:

I. Page Content (Body): To add or edit the main content, log into Drupal and edit the Body section of the page. 


K. Office: To add or edit an Office, log into Drupal, and follow these steps to change the Office. See:

L. Site Search: To request a change to the search results for a specific Fredonia page for a search term, send an email to with the details of the page and the change you want. The Web Team can make some adjustments to site search results.


N. Drupal Login: Click the Login in the lower left of the page Footer to access Drupal tools. See:


Drupal page with editing permissions