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FOR FACULTY/STAFF: You are assigned a central email account created from the first eight characters of your last name (if there are multiple people on campus with your last name, your first initial will be added to help identify you).  You are also assigned an account alias based on the following formula:  When you enroll in our Chosen Name Program, a new email alias is built from your ChosenName.lastname.  Your old email alias will remain connected to your account so that you will still receive emails from individuals who have not updated your email address.  All aliases will be tied to the central email account.


Can I send an email using my old alias with my legal name (for example, if I am not out to my family)?

Yes!  When you are composing an email in your Fredonia email account, you will see your default account in the "From" field.  At the end of your email address is a drop down arrow.  Click on it and you will see all accounts linked to your central email address.  Choose whichever one you'd like to use.

As a student, when I enroll in the Chosen Name program, will my professors be automatically notified?