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How do I manage OnCourse Open Forum subscriptions?

Step-by-step guide

IMPORTANT: You will notice that there are both Open (formerly Moodlerooms) Forums and Forums available in OnCourse. While both will work for discussions, only Open Forums have a grading feature available. In addition, Forums, will be phased out in the near future.

Modifying Alerts About Open Forums Through the Profile

Your OnCourse Profile settings, determine whether Open Forum subscriptions are sent as one daily email digest or as separate emails to you.

  1. In the top right-hand corner, next to your name, choose Preferences.


  2. On the Preferences page, under the User account section, choose Forum Preferences.
    1. The settings completed here will manage all forums in all courses. There is also the option in each forum to manage individual forum subscription settings.
  3. Email Digest Type drop-down menu
    1. No digest - you will receive one e-mail per forum post.
    2. Digest - complete posts - you will receive one digest e-mail per day containing the complete contents of each forum post.
    3. Digest - subjects only - you will receive one digest e-mail per day containing just the subject of each forum post.
  4. Forum Auto-Subscribe drop-down menu
    1. By default, this setting will subscribe the user to any discussion board that the user posts to. (The default setting is “Yes: when I post, subscribe me to that forum.”) If you do not wish to automatically be subscribed after posting, change this to “No: don’t automatically subscribe to  forum discussions.”
  5. Forum Tracking drop-down menu
    1. The default for Forum tracking is “No: don’t keep track of posts I have seen.”  If you change it to “Yes: highlight new posts for me,"  this setting will highlight posts not yet viewed in an Open Forum.

Managing Forum Settings Through Individual Open Forums

You may also subscribe and unsubscribe to specific Open Forums, once you have opened them. You may not control how often you are notified about activity, using these steps. (Note that these steps cover ONLY Open Forums, which are the Forum types that we are strongly encouraging, vs. Forums.)

For each of these strategies, you will first need to open an Open Forum.

Strategy 1:

  1. Click “Manage forum subscriptions” link in the bottom right corner of the forum. 
  2. In the new “Forum Dashboard” that opens, locate the Open Forum that you want to change. (This screen will display all of the Forums in the course, and is automatically updated each time a new Forum - of any type - is added.)
  3. Click No next to the Forum to unsubscribe; click Yes to subscribe. If it already says Yes, clicking it will unsubscribe, and vice versa.

NOTE: You can manage all the subscriptions for OnCourse Open Forums in the course from here.

Strategy 2:

After opening an Open Forum, locate the Administration block. Under the Forum Administration title either “Subscribe to this forum” or “Unsubscribe to this forum” will be listed.


If you are subscribed, this block will show Unsubscribe from this forum; if you are not, it will show Subscribe to this forum. Just click to change your subscription mode.

Subscribing to a Single Discussion Thread

Do you want to get activity notices about posts in an individual discussion within a larger Open Forum? For example, assume that you have contributed to two topics within a may wish to get email updates about subsequent conversations in this discussion thread.


Email of a Discussion Where

the User Has Not Subscribed

Email of a Discussion Where

the User Has Subscribed



  • Choose the alerts you receive carefully. The number of alerts to your email can be overwhelming. And - if you are not “in” your email frequently throughout the day - it would make more sense to set OnCourse for digests of all posts made (rather than getting emails for each post).
  • These settings can be easily changed for one or all of your it is easy to customize your subscriptions, depending on work flow, etc.
  • Remember, Forums is being phased out and only Open Forums will remain. We are encouraging you to use just Open Forums. The directions in this doc coincide with Open Forums, not Forums.
  • Students may subscribe to any Open Forum using the same directions.



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