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Labs labeled as Closed are reserved for Majors only.
Open labs with classes scheduled will be closed during those scheduled times.

Computer LabComputer OSOpen/ClosedClasses ScheduledSeats
Fenton 115Windows/MacClosedNo28
Fenton 2162WindowsOpenYes25
Fenton 2164WindowsOpenYes30
Fenton 2165WindowsOpenNo17
Igoe PhotoMacintoshClosedYes21
Learning Center (Reed 4th)WindowsOpenNo8
Mason 2016 MusicMacintoshClosedYes15
Mason 2017 MusicMacintoshClosedYes15
McEwen G22WindowsOpenNo50
McEwen 103 SheldonMacintoshClosedYes20
Reed LibraryWindows/MacOpenNo50
Rockefeller Arts 233 Ani. & Illus.MacintoshClosedYes18
Rockefeller Arts 237 VANMMacintoshClosedYes16
Rockefeller Arts 239 VANMMacintoshClosedYes16
Rockefeller Arts 247 TADA Design--ClosedYes20
Rockefeller Arts 253 TADAWindows/MacClosedYes22
Rockefeller Arts 307 VANMMacintoshClosedNo15
Rockefeller Arts 309 VANMMacintoshClosedNo16
Rockefeller Arts 310 VANM PrintMacintoshClosedNo1
Science Center 121WindowsOpenYes25
Science Center 243WindowsClosedYes24
Thompson E149 SpeechWindowsClosedNo8
Thompson W112 SpeechWindowsClosedNo3
Thompson E287 EDPWindowsClosedNo8
Thompson W203Windows/MacOpenNo26
Thompson W217WindowsOpenYes32
Thompson W229 PsychologyWindowsClosedYes10