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  1. Wait until the scheduled date and time and follow the enrollment process on your own outlined in the Getting Started with Two-Factor Authentication with Duo Security article in

  2. Attend a training session before your scheduled enrollment date where your account will be provisioned into Duo and you will be guided through the enrollment process. Please bring the device that you will enroll for second factor authentication.
    NOTE: You are not required to use any personal devices (e.g. smartphones) and you can be issued a hardware token at no initial cost  (Faculty: one-time only) at the training session or by visiting the ITS Service Center after your account has been enrolled into Duo Security.

  3. If you want to start using Duo before your scheduled enrollment date and can NOT attend a training session, you will need to submit a Tracker ticket at and request that your account be provisioned into Duo Security ahead of the scheduled time. You will receive an email message when the account has been provisioned with a link to start the enrollment process.
    NOTE: If you are not logged to your email when the account is provisioned, the enrollment process will start automatically the first time you try to logon to any of the Duo Security protected services listed in the article above. Make sure that you have available (and have access to) a second factor device to enroll during the process.

IMPORTANT: After the scheduled activation date/time, employees that have not completed the setup process will not be able to access Fredonia protected eServices (e.g. G Suite, SUNY Portal, Oncourse etc.) until they have completed the process.