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  1. Minimum: Wireless Adapter 802.11 g/n
  2. Current Operating System Critical Updates (i.e. Microsoft Windows, Macintosh OSX, Linux etc.)
  3. Anti-Virus Software w/ Updated Definitions. The campus provides Symantec Endpoint Protection anti-virus software for students and staff to utilize. You can download a free copy of the anti-virus software here: /its/servicecenter/virus (Note: Before installing a new anti-virus program, you must first uninstall any previous version.)
  4. Your Fredonia eServices I.D. & Password (To find, go to: “Your Connection” @


FREDsecure is the secure wireless network which utilizes 802.1X to provision WPA2-Enterprise to a diverse array of network devices campus-wide. It is highly recommended that all campus wireless network users utilize the FREDsecure service if you are accessing online financial services, online shopping and any official campus eService (Oncourse, FREDMail, YourConnection etc.). FREDsecure users need to utilize their eServices I.D. and password for access.

Setup FREDguest

FREDguest is the open and clear (unsecured) wireless network available to guests on campus who wish to temporarily use the campus wireless network for basic web browsing. This wireless network is limited to utilizing TCP ports 80 (http) and 443 (https) and will include a session timeout. FREDguest users will need to be sponsored by a campus affiliate with an active eServices account to gain access.