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    1. Right-click the Wireless Network icon in the taskbar, and choose View Available Wireless Networks. It should bring up this window:
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    2. In the left column under Related Tasks, click Change the order of preferred networks. The Wireless Network Connection Properties window will open to the Wireless Networks tab
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    3. Click the Add... button located under Preferred networks.
    4. The Wireless network properties window opens to the Association tab. Enter the following data, as shown in the image below:
      1. Network name (SSID): FREDsecure
      2. Network Authentication: WPA2
      3. Data encryption: AES
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    2. Click the Authentication tab and in the EAP type drop-down menu,
  3. select Protected
    1. select Protected EAP (PEAP). Also,
  4. uncheck Authenticate
    1. uncheck Authenticate as computer when computer information is available.
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    2. Now click the properties button and check Validate server certificate and make sure that GlobalSign is checked under Trusted Root Certification Authorities.
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    2. Under Select Authentication Method, select Secured password (EAP-MSCHAP v2)
    3. Check Enable Fast
  7. Reconnect
    1.  Reconnect.
    2. Click Configure, and uncheck Automatically use my Windows logon name and password (and domain if any)
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  9. Click

    1. Click OK
  10. and
    1.  and close all remaining windows.
    2. When you go to connect to FREDsecure now, you will be prompted for a Username and Password.
      1. User name: eServices User Id
      2. Password: eServices Password
      3. Logon domain: Leave Blank
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  12. If you
    1.  If you are prompted to Validate Server Certificate, click OK.
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    2. You should now be connected to the Fredonia Wireless Network.

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