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  • What if I have student employees that access University Duo protected services?

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Student employees that access protected Fredonia electronic services (e.g. department email account, SUNY Employee Portal etc.) are required to use Duo Security. The Information Security Office will issue the student employee's supervising department head a new generic eServices account solely to be used for the student employee's work responsibilities. Supervising department heads are responsible for the appropriate use of the issued eServices account in accordance with all Fredonia policies and applicable laws. They are responsible to provide the eServices account credential to their student employee, reset the password each time they reissued it to a new student employee and collect the hardware token from the student employee when their employment ends. The eServices account will use a University provided OTP hardware token (Option 1 above) as the primary second factor and the departmental office landline as the backup second factor device. Departments need to contact the Information Security Office ( to request a new Student employee eServices account and Duo Security hardware token.

Please click here to download the Duo Student Employee Account Request Process MOU(s) to attach to your Tracker ticket request by emailing

Please send the ISO a copy of the signed Duo Student Employee Account Supervisor Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). 

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