"LISTSERV manager" refers to Information Technology Services' designated manager of the LISTSERV service.
"List sponsor" refers to the actual LISTSERV list applicant (the person who submits the application as designated in item 2) who assumes overall responsibility for and ownership of the list.
"List owner" refers to a person (other than the LISTSERV manager) who has administrative rights to the list. This may or may not be the list sponsor.
"List content" refers to the theme, topic, or purpose of the list as declared on the list application and/or the theme, topic, or purpose of list postings.
"List conduct" may refer to the behavior of a list subscriber in the context of the list as reflected by the subscriber's postings.
"Course list" refers to special purpose list created (when requested) for communication between students enrolled in a specific course and section and the faculty member teaching the course.
"Departmental (Majors) list" refers to a list created (when requested) for a department to communicate with students in their major.

Establishing a LISTSERV List

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