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Funding for sabbaticals should be intentional and planned according to the number of sabbaticals anticipated in a given year based on faculty eligibility. Funding should follow these recommendations:

  1. Funding for sabbaticals should be a line item in the budget annually. 
  2. Funding for sabbaticals is intended to be used to hire adjunct instructors or other temporary, part-time specialists to cover the work of the faculty member on sabbatical. In exceptional cases, a full-time Visiting replacement may be requested and is subject to the approval of the Provost. 
  3. Funding should be calculated at a maximum of the equivalent of 9 credit or contact hours per semester at the appropriate departmental adjunct rate. 
  4. Salary savings from full-year, half-pay sabbaticals should be used to offset or supplement the budgeted sabbatical line item, as needed in a given year. 
  5. All funding is subject to the approval of the Cabinet. 
  6. The Provost’s office shall maintain an annual record of the number of sabbatical applications, approvals, and funding, available to the Faculty Senate upon request, for the purposes of budget planning.