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Librarians with faculty status are equally eligible for sabbatical leave. According to the “Policies” Article II Definitions (i) and (j):

(i) “’Academic Staff.’  The staff comprised of those persons having academic rank or qualified academic rank.”

(j)“’Academic Rank.’  Rank held by those members of the professional staff having the titles of professor, associate professor, assistant professor, instructor, and assistant instructor. . . and rank held by members of the professional staff having the titles of librarian, associate librarian, senior assistant librarian, and assistant librarian.”

Because their job duties require full-time, on-site work for twelve months, their leave and replacement costs will differ from teaching faculty. Library faculty will also follow a modified approval procedure.

  1. Duration: A half-year sabbatical leave at full pay for library faculty will encompass 50% of the working days in a given contract year, taken consecutively.
  2. Review and Approval: the Library Personnel Committee acts in the role of the Departmental Personnel Committee. Ballots and comments are then forwarded to the Chair of the Library Faculty for review and approval and then to the Director of the Library, who serves in a role equivalent to the dean for the purposesof sabbatical review.
  3. Coverage: coverage should be devised by the Director of the Library as economically as possible, with part-time hiring and reassignment of duties if feasible. However, it is to be expected that full-time, temporary hires will be necessary in most cases to replace the work of library faculty on sabbatical leave.