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The Marketing and Communications department manages Fredonia’s public relations and marketing efforts.

We foster relationships with local, regional, and national media outlets to raise awareness about the great things happening at Fredonia. For more information about our department's services, please visit

These Answers Help pages include topics and help with tasks in Design, Digital Signage, Events, Photography, Video, and Web from the Marketing and Communications department.

Available Services

The Marketing and Communications team offers these services:

  • Media Relations and Publicity
    • We will help you get your story to local, regional, and national media outlets.
  • Design services
    • Fredonia's design team will help you with everything from unique recruitment brochures to everyday posters, letterhead and business cards.
  • Website development, content training and strategy
    • Our team will help you maximize opportunities to showcase your content to your audiences.
  • Photography
    • Our award-winning team tells stories of the Fredonia experience through engaging videography and photography.
  • Campus Report
    • We share your story with campus with our weekly email.
  • The Statement
    • Fredonia's alumni magazine connects graduates and donors with current stories on campus, and showcases alumni success stories.

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