How do I use Watson to create captions for my video?

Step-by-step guide

IMPORTANT: Watson only transcribes your audio, and will not generate any files for you.

Getting Your Audio File

  1. Create an audio file or export a project from editing software, such as Adobe Premiere, as a .wav, .flac, or .opus file. If you do not still have your video, included is a link to YouTube’s own directions for downloading it from their website. Audacity is a free audio editing software that can be used to record and save audio files as well.
  2. Additionally, if your video is hosted on YouTube, you can go to to extract the audio as a .flac file.
  3. First, find your video and copy the URL. Then, on the homepage for convert2mp3, paste the URL in the corresponding box and click Convert.
    1. NOTE: Be sure to choose “flac” from the file type menu. By default, it will be “mp3,” and Watson will only accept “flac” from the types available.

  4. On the next screen, click the green Download button. Remember that unless specified otherwise, the file will be saved to your Downloads folder for when you go to upload it to Watson in the next part.

Using Watson

  1. Access Watson via
  2. Next, click Upload Audio File and choose the file you created or exported.
    1. Note: Be sure to customize the settings to fit what you need. The keywords in the textbox are put there automatically, but can be deleted or changed. The types of words you might want to include as keywords are ones related to your file. Examples are shown here:

  3. After it has finished, copy the transcription and paste it into Notepad or another basic text program. Save it as a .txt file after fixing any errors Watson has made.

  4. After Step 4, you will be ready to import your file into YouTube.


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