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How do I join a Blackboard Collaborate Ultra session?

Step-by-step guide

Before the Session Starts

The first time you are joining a Collaborate Ultra session plan 10-15 minutes prior to the start of the meeting to assure that all of your technology is working.

What browser should I use?

Blackboard recommends the use of Google Chrome of Firefox for the best experience. Up-to-date browser information can be found on the Blackboard Browser Support page

Enabling  Microphone, Speakers, and Webcam

Headset and Microphone

We recommend a headset and microphone combination for the best audio experience. This may be a USB headset and microphone or the earbuds and microphone that come with many mobile devices. You may opt to use the speakers on your computer along with a seperate microphone. If you choose this option you will want to mute your microphone in Collaborate when you are not speaking. 

Mute and UnMute your Microphone

At the bottom of the Collaborate Ultra screen you will see a series of buttons. The button with the microphone image will control muting or unmuting your microphone. If there is a line through the microphone the sound is muted. 

Joining Collaborate Ultra via OnCourse

  1. Login to OnCourse at
  2. In the Courses block select the category containing your course
  3. Click on the course name
  4. Once in the course locate the Collaborate Ultra session
  5. On the Collaborate Ultra page click the "Join session" button
  1. Locate the link provided to you by the meeting host
  2. Click on the link to open the Collaborate Ultra room


If your session was recorded the link used to open the Collaborate Ultra session will also be the link used to access the recording.

Can't talk, chat or turn on your camera?

The moderator needs to turn on these tools for everyone to use. As a moderator you will need to:

  1. Click the Purple tab in the bottom right-hand column with the double arrow on it.
  2. Click on the "My Settings" gear
  3. Expand the "Session Settings" area
  4. Checkmark the items you would like Participants to be able to use
    1. "Share audio" allows participants to turn on a microphone
    2. Share video" allows participants to turn on the webcam
    3. "Post chat messages" allows participants to use the chat feature
    4. "Draw on whiteboard and files" allows participants to write on items shared on the whiteboard or files uploaded.

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