Setting Your Subscription Options

First, you may want to review your subscriber options. To do this you use the Query command. Send this command to LISTSERV@ LISTSERV.FREDONIA.EDU

Query listname

Let's assume the list you are querying is called CATS-L. LISTSERV will respond with something like this:

> q cats-l

Subscription options for Joe User, list CATS-L:

MAIL You are sent individual postings as they are received
FULLHDR Full (normal) mail headers (formerly "FULLBSMTP")
NOREPRO You do not receive a copy of your own postings
ACK Short e-mail acknowledgement of successfully processed postings

Subscription date: 22 Jan 1997

The topics you subscribe to are: All

Summary of resource utilization
CPU time: 0.008 sec
Overhead CPU: 0.000 sec
CPU model: AXP 21164 (512M)

The basic command syntax for changing these options is

SET listname option1 option2 ...

So let's say that you want to get copies of your own postings back from the list rather than just an acknowledgement that your posting was processed and distributed. Simply send a message to LISTSERV (not to the list!) with the command


in the body of the message. Note that you could also send this as two commands, one per line in the body:


LISTSERV will respond with a message telling you that your options have been updated, along with a listing of your current settings now that you've made the change.

Options that may be set:

Setting this option to Mail indicates that you will receive mail from the list. NOMail is the complementary command that stops mail but leaves you subscribed to the list. (NOMail is often a good compromise for users who are leaving the office for vacation or on extended business trips, and who don't want a full mailbox on their return.) The format of the messages received is controlled by the DIGEST/INDEX/NODIGEST/NOINDEX options (see below).

Please note, if you use an auto-responder while on vacation without setting your subscription options to NOMail, your "vacation" messages may bounce back to LISTSERV and you may be "served off" from LISTSERV when you return.

This is because LISTSERV will be unable to process the message from your auto-responder and will consider it an error.

Being "served off" simply means that any commands you send to LISTSERV will be ignored until someone else sends a SERVE command on your behalf.

Causes the subscriber to receive one posting per digest cycle (typically daily) rather than individual messages as they are processed by LISTSERV. The MAIL/NOMAIL option controls whether messages should be delivered, and the DIGEST/INDEX/NODIGEST/NOINDEX option controls the format in which messages should be delivered. Thus, switching to NOMAIL and back to MAIL does not destroy the digest/index/normal delivery setting; it simply determines whether or not LISTSERV should send any list mail to you. To provide as much compatibility with older syntax as possible, the four options operate as follows:

enable digest delivery mode (which negates INDEX), enable mail delivery.

enable index delivery mode (which negates DIGEST), enable mail delivery

disable mail delivery.

restore mail delivery, without altering the digest/index/normal delivery setting

Please note that in extreme cases, subscribers using the DIGEST option may receive more than one digest per cycle if thedigest limit is reached before the end of the cycle.

Causes you to receive one posting per digest cycle containing only an index of subject topics for all messages during that cycle. Instructions on how to retrieve the individual postings are included with the index. See the section on DIGEST (above) for further information.

These three command words control the level of acknowledgment you receive when posting to the list. ACK causes LISTSERV to send a short confirmation message to the sender of the postings when the post has been received and distributed. NOACK disables the confirmation feature for the sender. MSGack is essentially obsolete; if you do not have BITNET/NJE connectivity to the LISTSERV host in question, setting a list to MSGack is equivalent to NOACK.

Occasionally, a subscriber may not want his presence to be known to someone else making a casual REView of the list. You may choose to "hide" your subscription from the REView command by using the CONCEAL command. Conversely, a subscriber may choose to remove this restriction by issuing the NOCONCEAL command. Note that the list owner can always obtain a list of all subscribers.

This option controls whether or not you will get a copy of your posts back from the list after they are processed. Generally, if your mail program is configured to file copies of your outgoing mail, or if you have one of the acknowledgment options (ACK/MSGack) enabled, this option should be set to NOREPro. If, on the other hand, you are set to NOACK and doesn't keep a copy of outgoing mail, this option should probably be set to REPro.

Toggles MIME functions on and off. Currently this is only useful if the user has a mail client that supports MIME digests. Note that users who send their SUBSCRIBE command using a MIME-compliant agent will have this option set automatically unless "Default-Options= NOMIME" is specified for the list.