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  • New System Navigation In Digital Measures Activity Insight

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Beginning June 29, 2018, Digital Measures Activity Insight will have a new design featuring a streamlined menu bar and more working space on your screen. 

Like many applications you're familiar with, the menu bar for Digital Measures Activity Insight will be located at the top of your screen. It features drop-down menus for the tools you use, such as reporting. 

The new position of the menu bar frees up screen space so it's easier to enter your activities into Digital Measures Activity Insight.

Digital Measures Activity Insight will resize to fit the screen you're working on, from desktop to tablet, laptop to smartphone. Virtually all of your screen will be working space, regardless of the device you're using. 

Please see the screenshot and video below for example of the new interface that will go live on June 29, 2018.

Watch a video describing these changes at:

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