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  • Signing into with Microsoft Multi-Factor Authentication

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If you are not a DUO user, the first time you log into or other Azure authenticated applications (such as Adobe) with Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) is enabled you will be required to add/update a phone number to use as a second authentication method.

When you first connect, you will get the initial login screen where you will enter your account:

After you click Next you will need to enter your eServices Password:

Once you Sign In you will be asked for More Information:

It will then ask for a phone number to use to get your validation code:

The Authentication Phone drop down lets you select Cell phone or office Phone. The Select your country or Region drop down is to select Country (United States) and the field next to it is to enter your actual 10 digit phone number. You can also select whether to receive a Text or a phone call.

Once you enter the information and click next, you will be sent a verification code to enter to authenticate:

If you enter the code correctly, it will notify you that it was successful and you can click Done.

You will not have to repeat this process, but whenever you log in after this it will send you a code to authenticate whenever you log in:

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