Smart Classroom Console

To learn how to use a Smart Classroom, please view the instructions provided for Touch Panel and Button Controller rooms.

For reservations:

  • Courses are scheduled through the Registrar office at x3171. Faculty who are hoping to secure a Smart Classroom should let their department chairperson know at the first phase of course offerings.
  • For one time usage, please contact:

All Smart Classrooms listed below include LCD Projector, Audio System, and Screen. Most rooms also have a computer and controller. Click on the room to view more information about that room.  Software list contains installed software available in all rooms.

Dods 101WindowsControllerHD--37
Dods 102WindowsControllerHD--35
Fenton 105WindowsTouch PanelHDDoc Cam, Webcam119
Fenton 108WindowsTouch PanelHDDoc Cam, SMART Board53
Fenton 153WindowsTouch PanelHDDoc Cam, Webcam47
Fenton 154WindowsControllerHD--35
Fenton 158WindowsControllerHD--37
Fenton 159WindowsTouch PanelHDDoc Cam, Webcam48
Fenton 164WindowsControllerHD--43
Fenton 166WindowsControllerHD--32
Fenton 168WindowsTouch PanelHDDoc Cam, Webcam48
Fenton 170WindowsTouch PanelHDDoc Cam, Webcam41
Fenton 174WindowsControllerHD--29
Fenton 175WindowsControllerHD--26
Fenton 176WindowsControllerHDSMART Board38
Fenton 179WindowsControllerHD--35
Fenton 180WindowsTouch PanelHDDoc Cam, SMART Board, Webcam35
Jewett 101Win/MacTouch PanelHDDoc Cam, Surround Sound, Webcam166
Jewett 118WindowsControllerHDSMART Board 
Jewett 120WindowsControllerHDSMART Board28
Jewett 122WindowsControllerHDSMART Board 
Jewett 212WindowsControllerHD--29
Jewett 220WindowsControllerHD--28
Mason 1002MacintoshTouch PanelHDDoc Cam, CD Player43
Mason 1022MacintoshTouch PanelHDDoc Cam, CD Player42
Mason 1051----HDSMART Board, CD Player99
Mason 1075--Touch Panel--CD Player187
Mason 1080--Touch Panel--CD Player273
Mason 2015Macintosh--HDDoc Cam, CD Player43
Mason 2018MacintoshTouch Panel HD Doc Cam, CD Player54
Mason 2019MacintoshControllerHDDoc Cam, CD Player70
Mason 2020----HDDoc Cam42
Mason 2140------CD Player30
Mason 3140------CD Player49
McEwen G24Win/MacTouch PanelHDDoc Cam, Webcam104
McEwen G26Win/MacTouch PanelHDDoc Cam, Webcam104
McEwen 201Windows------ 
McEwen 202Win/MacTouch PanelHDDoc Cam, Webcam209
McEwen 209Win/MacTouch PanelHDDoc Cam, Webcam319
Rockefeller 236WindowsControllerHD--31
Rockefeller 238WindowsControllerHD--31
Rockefeller 258WindowsTouch PanelHDCD Player 
Rockefeller 262WindowsTouch PanelHDCD Player25
Rockefeller 272WindowsTouch PanelHDCD Player20
Rockefeller 276WindowsTouch PanelHD--25
Rockefeller 279WindowsTouch PanelHD--20
Rockefeller P59WindowsTouch PanelHD-- 
Rockefeller P75WindowsTouch PanelHD--45
Rockefeller P84MacintoshTouch PanelHDSurround Sound64
Rockefeller 320--ControllerHD--28
Rockefeller 321--ControllerHD--24
Science Ctr B010WindowsTouch PanelHD--48
Science Ctr B012WindowsTouch PanelHD--26
Science Ctr 105WindowsTouch PanelHDDoc Cam120
Science Ctr 110WindowsTouch PanelHD--24
Science Ctr 117WindowsTouch PanelHD--24
Science Ctr 122WindowsTouch PanelHDDoc Cam, Webcam35
Science Ctr 126WindowsTouch PanelHDDoc Cam, Webcam35
Science Ctr 130WindowsTouch PanelHD--24
Science Ctr 143WindowsTouch PanelHD--24
Science Ctr 144WindowsTouch PanelHD--24
Science Ctr 226WindowsTouch PanelHD--24
Science Ctr 231WindowsTouch PanelHD--24
Science Ctr 242WindowsTouch PanelHD--24
Science Ctr 243WindowsTouch PanelHD--24
Science Ctr 322WindowsTouch PanelHD--24
Science Ctr 328WindowsTouch PanelHD--24
Science Ctr 332WindowsTouch PanelHD--24
Thompson W101Win/MacTouch PanelHDDoc Cam, Webcam196
Thompson E114Windows--HD--44
Thompson E120WindowsControllerHD--30
Thompson E122WindowsControllerHDWebcam27
Thompson E124WindowsControllerHD--39
Thompson E128WindowsControllerHDSMART Board42
Thompson E148Windows--HD--32
Thompson W231WindowsControllerHD--35
Thompson W239WindowsTouch PanelHDDoc Cam, Webcam43
Thompson W245Windows--HD--32
Thompson E305WindowsTouch PanelHDDoc Cam, Webcam41
Thompson E309WindowsControllerHDDoc Cam20
Thompson E316WindowsControllerHDDoc Cam, Webcam26
Thompson E327WindowsControllerHD--35
Thompson E347WindowsTouch PanelHDDoc Cam, Webcam59
Thompson E359WindowsTouch PanelHDDoc Cam, Webcam42
Thompson E361Windows--HD--24
Thompson E363Windows--HD--41
Thompson E384Windows------19
Thompson W394Windows--HD--35

Windows Computer

Windows 7
Adobe Acrobat Reader DC
Adobe Flash
Google Chrome
Internet Explorer
Microsoft Office 2016
Microsoft Silverlight
Mozilla Firefox
VLC Media Player


Mac Computer

Mac OSX 10.12 Sierra
Adobe Acrobat Reader DC
Adobe Flash
Google Chrome
Microsoft Office 2016
Microsoft Silverlight
Mozilla Firefox
VLC Media Player