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What is the procedure for a sponsored guest account?

Step-by-step guide

Sponsored Guest Accounts

In order to further the State University of New York at Fredonia’s mission, guest accounts may be granted for legitimate business purposes to individuals seeking access to University resources who are not students, staff or faculty. Sponsored accounts may be granted for a variety of reasons, including contractors who manage Fredonia resources, volunteers, visiting faculty or students, community members, and external research collaborators. Sponsored guest accounts may be granted to individuals or groups. Sponsored guest accounts are to be granted in accordance with University policies and applicable laws to ensure the availability, integrity and confidentiality of our computing resources.

Sponsoring a Guest Account

For a person to receive a guest account, an active Fredonia faculty or staff member must sponsor him or her. Students and current employees may not be granted a guest account until after they have graduated or left University employment unless a valid business need exists. An application is initiated by the sponsor via submitting a service request and requires the person requesting the guest account to provide information to confirm their identity.

Services Provided for Sponsored Accounts

Centrally provided services that may be granted to the guest account include the following:

  • Wireless network access (Note: this process is separate from the FREDGuest wireless account setup which is meant to be used for brief temporary wireless access )

  • Wired network access in residence halls

  • Login to public use computers

  • FredCard

  • Access to services and databases from Fredonia’s Libraries

  • Fredonia Email

  • Learning management system

  • Door access

Sponsor Responsibilities

In order to become sponsors, Fredonia employees must read and agree to follow the terms and conditions, signing off (via replying to their TTracker ticket with “I approve”) that they accept the responsibilities associated with sponsorship. Sponsors are responsible for the following:

  1. the date the account(s) will need to be issued by

  2. start and end dates for the account(s)

  3. when applicable be able to demonstrate who the account was given to and when

Sponsors may be contacted by the University Police Department or Information Security Office should their sponsored guest account(s) be involved in inappropriate use or criminal activity.

Sponsored Account Holder (Guest) Responsibilities

Individuals receiving a sponsored account are responsible for complying with Fredonia's policies and applicable laws and regulations. Should a person with a sponsored account violate Fredonia's policies or applicable laws, the sponsored account will be terminated.

Sponsored Guest Account Options & Lifecycle

1. Generic eServices guest accounts for groups of 5 or more - for conferences or events that the sponsor does not have a reasonable or reliable source of information about who is attending. These accounts will be limited to wireless access (FredSecure) and be assigned for a limited period of time from one day to seven days. Note: for generic guest accounts for groups smaller than 5 or individuals, sponsors will use the Tracker portal for wireless access.

2. Generic eServices guest accounts for individuals - faculty or staff can be assigned a guest account, or group of guest accounts to provide to their individual guests. The sponsor will be responsible for keeping track of who they have assigned the specific account credentials, including name, date, and time, and type of the valid form of identification presented. These accounts can be assigned for a period of one day up to 5 days in duration.  

3. Named eServices guest accounts for known visitors - these accounts will be requested by the sponsor by submitting a Tracker service request by emailing The sponsor will be responsible for providing the necessary personal information to create the account and for communicating the credentials to the guest. The sponsor will indicate the length of time that the account is needed and will make sure to request an extension, if needed, before that expiration date.

Revocation of Sponsored Guest Accounts

A sponsored account's access is subject to revocation by the Associate Vice President of Information Technology Services, President’s Cabinet Member or the sponsor at any time. If an account is revoked, it will be disabled immediately.  ITS reserves the right to audit sponsors at any time for compliance with being able to demonstrate accountability of any sponsored guest account.

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