A Reusable Block is a piece of content that may be placed on multiple pages. When the Reusable Block is edited and published, those pages are automatically updated.

  1. Create a Reusable block at: My Workbench -> Create Content -> Reusable Block

  2. Add content to the Reusable Block and select your Section to ensure that you retain editing control over it.

  3. Press Save & Preview

  4. To publish it, choose Published from the Set moderation state and click Apply.


  5. Visit the web page where you want your reusable block to appear.
  6. Place your cursor where you want to insert the reusable block and select the “Node Embed” button, which is the last button on the right side of the toolbar.

  7. Use the search field in the Embed a Node window to locate the Reusable Block you created, then click to select it and click Embed.

  8. A code will be added to your page for the Reusable Block.

  9. Press Save & Preview on your page, and then choose Published from the Set moderation state and click Apply. The Reusable Block will appear in the web page.