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  1. Before you upload and add any files to the Drupal web server, you must rename them if they contain spaces or special punctuation characters.

    OK to use in a filename:
    A-Z, a-z, 0-9, hyphens -, periods, and underscores _

    Good filenames marked with a green check and bad file names marked with a red X.

  2. Log into Drupal.
  3. Navigate to your website. Look at the breadcrumb at the top of your page to determine the path to your web site files.
    All file paths begin with "section" then follow the steps shown in the page breadcrumb
    In this example below, the file path will be section > about > offices > marketing-and-communication > training which you will use in the next step.

  4. In the top Drupal menubar, click on Workbench, then click on File browser.

  5. A page should appear that looks like this:

  6. You may need to navigate to your website files using the breadcrumb path that you found in step #2.
    The path should appear in the left side of the File Browser window.

  7. Click Upload. The green Add File button will appear.

  8. Click the Add File button and browse your computer to choose the file you wish to upload to the server. Click Open to send the file to the server.

  9. To link to your files, see:  Drupal: Linking to a PDF, Word, Excel, or other MS Office files