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  1. Returning users can click "LOG IN" to enter their email and password. If you need an account, see the Sign Up steps above.
  2. Before submitting your event, please use the search field at the top, and/or mini calendar on the right side to see if your event already exists on the EVENTS calendar.
  3. Click "Submit an Event" red button in the upper right Submit an Event.
  4. The New Event Form appears
    New Events Form
  5. Enter a name for the event. It should be descriptive.
  6. Add a text description with details about the event.
  7. Add details about the Schedule with Start Date, Start Time, End Time, and any Repeats (weekly, daily, etc).
    Date, Time, Repeats
  8. Click the Add Above to Schedule button Add Above to Schedule button to confirm the date and time for your event.
    You can add as many dates and times as needed for an event by clicking the Add Above to Schedule button after each date/time is entered.
  9. Add a Location:
  10. Add additional details, such as Twitter hashtag to associate with your event, a Facebook Event link or other website page associated with your event.
    Additional Details
  11. Add a photo for the event. It should be a square.
    Event Photo
  12. Add any necessary filters for your event that might help someone find it easily, such as department, audience, etc.
  13. Add any details for tickets, such as price and a link to the website with tickets.
  14. Click "Add Event". Add Event
  15. Your event will be submitted for review. You may be asked for more event details, if needed. It may take a business day for your event to be approved and appear on the EVENTS calendar.