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  1. In the Quickmail block, click Compose New Email.
  2. Set up filters for Potential Recipients:
    1. Filter by Role:
      1. To limit Potential Recipients by role, select a Role from the Role Filter menu (e.g., Student, Non-Editing teacher or Teacher).
      2. To include all members of the class, leave the Role Filter set to No Filter. (Later you will choose Add All.)
      3. OnCourse will highlight all names that fit the filtering criteria.
    2. Filter by Section or Group
      1. To limit Potential Recipients to a particular Class Section or Group, under Potential Sections click a Group name or Section name.
      2. To include more than one section or group, hold down Command (Mac) or Control (Windows) and click additional names in the Potential Section list.
      3. Individuals that match the Role Filter and Potential Sections selection will be highlighted as Potential Recipients.
  3. Add names to the Selected Recipients list (at left):
    1. To limit Potential Recipients to a particular Class Section or Group, under Potential Sections, click a Group name or Section name.
    2. To include more than one section or group, hold down Command (Mac) or Control (Windows) and click additional names in the Potential Section list.
    3. To include all course members as recipients, click Add All.
  4. As course members are added to the Selected Recipients list, they will be removed from the Potential Recipients list.
  5. To remove names from the Selected Recipients list (optional):
    1. To remove all names, click Remove All.
    2. To remove all highlighted names, click Remove >.
    3. To remove an individual name, click the name, then click Remove >.
  6. Continue filtering, and adding or removing recipients as needed.
  7. Compose and send your message:
    1. To: drop-down menu
      1. Choose who should receive the message
      2. Choosing "All In Course" will send to all of your students and a copy to yourself
      3. Choosing "Student (Role)" will send to just the students in your course
      4. If you have groups, you can select a group to email
      5. You can select individual students to email
  8. Enter a subject line
  9. Enter your email in the body 
  10. To attach a file to your message (optional), above the Subject and Message boxes, for Attachment(s), click Add (for a single file), or Create Folder. Select the file(s) to attach and click Add or Select this file (depending on the source from the File picker). Attached file(s) will be sent and received in the .zip format.under the Body field, click Add 
    1. Note: The maximum upload size for attachments is *, and is not changeable without special permission from *20mb.
    2. Type a Subject line (required).
    3. Type your message into the Message box.

    4. Choose a Signature (optional). (See above for setting up a signature.)
    5. Choose Yes to Receive a copy of the message in your own mailbox (optional, default is No, you must select Yes each time you wish to receive a copy).
    6. Click Send Email to send the message. To confirm the message is sent, Moodle will take you to your View History page showing Quickmail messages you have sent from this course. Your message should show at the top of the list.If you attach a file, also upload it to OnCourse so it will be available even if a message gets deleted.
  11. Press the "Send Message" button
    1. Click Save Draft to save a draft and continue editing or return later to continue. Moodle will display a Changes saved message at the top of the Quickmail screen once the draft is saved.


  1. On the Quickmail block, click View History. The View History screen opens, displaying a list of sent messages.
  2. To open a sent message and view recipients, click the magnifying glass. You will be returned to the Quickmail screen where you can review message recipients, and view, edit or re-send the message.



How is the Reply-to for Messages Sent from Quickmail controlled?


May I filter recipients in Quickmail?

A feature that may be useful for large classes is the ability to filter recipients by role (e.g., Student, TA), type of section (Lecture, Lab or Discussion), or Groups if groups are already set up in the OnCourse settings). You may also send emails to all participants or individual participants in the course.

To personalize your message

There is a list of "Supported user data fields" listed under the "Body" field. These can be used to insert certain kinds of data into the message. Below is a selection of items and what they send.

[:firstname:] Inserts the recipients first name
[:lastname:] Inserts the recipients last name
[:fullname:] Inserts the recipients first and last name
[:coursefullname:] Inserts the course name the email is being sent from
[:courselastaccess:] Inserts the last time the student logged into the course

When writing the message you need to include the brackets and the colons


Dear Image Added,
     Please take the time to read the syllabus and complete the Syllabus Quiz in Week 1 in OnCourse.

When this message is received by the student their first name, as it appears in OnCourse, will be displayed.



How may I create a signature?

You may automatically include a signature in email messages. Note: Signatures do not affect From or Reply-to fields and appear only in the body of the message.

  1. To set up a signature to appear at the bottom of your sent messages, go to the Quickmail block. Click Signatures. The Signatures screen will open.
  2. Enter a Title for the signature. The title will show in the dropdown where you choose a signature in the screen where you compose a message.
  3. In the Signature box, enter the text you wish to appear as your signature at the bottom of email messages.
  4. To make this your default signature, check Default.
  5. Click Save Changes to save the signature.  You will stay on the Signature screen. No confirmation message will be displayed, but new signatures should be added to the drop-down menu at left.
  6. You may create additional signatures, edit an existing signature or return to your course page.

How may I configure Quickmail for student use and change default filters?

To allow students to use Quickmail and control which roles to filter:

  1. On the Quickmail block, click Configuration.
  2. For Allow students to use Quickmail, select Yes or No. (No, is the default setting.)
  3. To add or remove the roles to filter by, command-click (Mac) or control-click (Windows) roles. (Highlighted roles are included as filtering options on the Quickmail screen).
  4. Note: Configuring Quickmail affects only the course that you are working in at the moment.


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