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All Smart Classrooms listed below include LCD Projector, Audio System, and Screen. Most rooms also have a computer and controller. Click on the room to view more information about that room.  Software list contains installed software available in all rooms.

Dods 101WindowsControllerHD--37
Dods 102WindowsControllerHD--35
Fenton 105WindowsTouch PanelHDDoc Cam, Webcam119
Fenton 108WindowsTouch PanelHDDoc Cam, SMART Board53
Fenton 153WindowsTouch PanelHDDoc Cam, Webcam47
Fenton 154WindowsControllerHD--35
Fenton 158WindowsControllerHD--37
Fenton 159WindowsTouch PanelHDDoc Cam, Webcam48
Fenton 164WindowsControllerHD--43
Fenton 166WindowsControllerHD--32
Fenton 168WindowsTouch PanelHDDoc Cam, Webcam48
Fenton 170WindowsTouch PanelHDDoc Cam, Webcam41
Fenton 174WindowsControllerHD--29
Fenton 175WindowsControllerHD--26
Fenton 176WindowsControllerHDSMART Board38
Fenton 179WindowsControllerHD--35
Fenton 180WindowsTouch PanelHDDoc Cam, SMART Board, Webcam35
Jewett 101Win/MacTouch PanelHDDoc Cam, Surround Sound, Webcam166
Jewett 118WindowsControllerHDSMART Board 
Jewett 120WindowsControllerHDSMART Board28
Jewett 122WindowsControllerHDSMART Board 
Jewett 212WindowsControllerHD--29
Jewett 220WindowsControllerHD--28
Mason 1002MacintoshTouch PanelHDDoc Cam, CD Player43
Mason 1022MacintoshTouch PanelHDDoc Cam, CD Player42
Mason 1051----HDSMART Board, CD Player99
Mason 1075--Touch Panel--CD Player187
Mason 1080--Touch Panel--CD Player273
Mason 2015Macintosh--HDDoc Cam, CD Player43
Mason 2018MacintoshTouch Panel HD Doc Cam, CD Player54
Mason 2019MacintoshControllerHDDoc Cam, CD Player70
Mason 2020----HDDoc Cam42
Mason 2140------CD Player30
Mason 3140------CD Player49
McEwen G24Win/MacTouch PanelHDDoc Cam, Webcam104
McEwen G26Win/MacTouch PanelHDDoc Cam, Webcam104
McEwen 201Windows------ 
McEwen 202Win/MacTouch PanelHDDoc Cam, Webcam209
McEwen 209Win/MacTouch PanelHDDoc Cam, Webcam319
Rockefeller 236WindowsControllerHD--31
Rockefeller 238WindowsControllerHD--31
Rockefeller 258WindowsTouch PanelHDCD Player 
Rockefeller 262WindowsTouch PanelHDCD Player25
Rockefeller 272WindowsTouch PanelHDCD Player20
Rockefeller 276WindowsTouch PanelHD--25
Rockefeller 279WindowsTouch PanelHD--20
Rockefeller P59WindowsTouch PanelHD-- 
Rockefeller P75WindowsTouch PanelHD--45
Rockefeller P84MacintoshTouch PanelHDSurround Sound64
Rockefeller 320--ControllerHD--28
Rockefeller 321--ControllerHD--24
Science Ctr B010WindowsTouch PanelHD--48
Science Ctr B012WindowsTouch PanelHD--26
Science Ctr 105WindowsTouch PanelHDDoc Cam120
Science Ctr 110WindowsTouch PanelHD--24
Science Ctr 117WindowsTouch PanelHD--24
Science Ctr 122WindowsTouch PanelHDDoc Cam, Webcam35
Science Ctr 126WindowsTouch PanelHDDoc Cam, Webcam35
Science Ctr 130WindowsTouch PanelHD--24
Science Ctr 143WindowsTouch PanelHD--24
Science Ctr 144WindowsTouch PanelHD--24
Science Ctr 226WindowsTouch PanelHD--24
Science Ctr 231WindowsTouch PanelHD--24
Science Ctr 242WindowsTouch PanelHD--24
Science Ctr 243WindowsTouch PanelHD--24
Science Ctr 322WindowsTouch PanelHD--24
Science Ctr 328WindowsTouch PanelHD--24
Science Ctr 332WindowsTouch PanelHD--24
Thompson W101Win/MacTouch PanelHDDoc Cam, Webcam196
Thompson E114Windows--HD--44
Thompson E120WindowsControllerHD--30
Thompson E122WindowsControllerHDWebcam27
Thompson E124WindowsControllerHD--39
Thompson E128WindowsControllerHDSMART Board42
Thompson E148Windows--HD--32
Thompson W231WindowsControllerHD--35
Thompson W239WindowsTouch PanelHDDoc Cam, Webcam43
Thompson W245Windows--HD--32
Thompson E305WindowsTouch PanelHDDoc Cam, Webcam41
Thompson E309WindowsControllerHDDoc Cam20
Thompson E316WindowsControllerHDDoc Cam, Webcam26
Thompson E327WindowsControllerHD--35
Thompson E347WindowsTouch PanelHDDoc Cam, Webcam59
Thompson E359WindowsTouch PanelHDDoc Cam, Webcam42
Thompson E361Windows--HD--24
Thompson E363Windows--HD--41
Thompson E384Windows------19
Thompson W394Windows--HD--35