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Data Risk Classifications

Data Examples

U: Drive


Google Drive


Personal Cloud Storage

Personal External Hard Drive or USB (Thumb) Drives

University Issued External Drive or USB (Thumb) Drives

Cat I - Public Data

University financial data or business records available to the public, Approved meeting minutes, Administrative process data, Data about decisions that affect the public, Other university public data, General access data, such as that on unauthenticated portions of the institution’s website

Cat II - Private Data

FERPA-protected data, Gramm-Leach Bliley data, Final course grades, exam questions or answers, HR employment data, Law enforcement investigation, data, judicial proceedings data includes student disciplinary or judicial action information, Public Safety information, IT infrastructure data, Collective bargaining, negotiation data, contract negotiation data, Trade secret data, Protected data related to research, University intellectual property, University proprietary data, Data protected by external, non-disclosure agreements, Inter- or intra-agency data which are not: statistical or factual tabulations; instructions to staff that affect the public; final agency policy or determination, External audit data, University person number (e.g. Fredonia ID "FID", PDIM), Performance Programs and Evaluations, Travel Authorizations and Reimbursement Forms, Brass Key Forms and Inventories, Search Committee Documents, Licensed software, Certain nonpublic Intellectual Property

Cat III - Restricted Data

Social security number (SSN), Driver license number, State-issued, non-driver ID number, Bank/financial account number, Credit/debit card number (CCN), Protected Health Information, Passport number, University I.T. authentication credentials, Documents protected by attorney-client privilege