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Using Chrome or Firefox, go to 

Login using your assigned login username (computer login name) and password

ITS calls your assigned computer login name, your eServices login (eServices stands for Electronic Services)

This is the login name that has 4 letters and 4 numbers)....


Username:  riek4824

Password:  whatever-your 10 character -password-is

NOTE: Every Saturday morning between 12:01 AM - 3:00 AM, the virtual lab environment may automatically reboot as to allow ITS to install critical windows 10 updates and application enhancements.

Please save your work to the U:\ drive frequently!

After you login, down the left side of your browser window, you will see folders with names that match the physical computer lab. To remotely access a computer in this lab, click on the folder, then click on the blue screen computer. 

NOTE: You will only see the list of labs that you have access to login to.  You may see a different list than someone else because they may be enrolled in different classes than you. Not all programs are available in all computer labs. For a list of what programs are installed on what lab computers.

For example: to remotely access a computer in G22, click the McEwen G22 folder, then the blue screen labeled McEwen G22.

At the top of the list, you will also see a blue computer screen named "Basic Windows 10".  This is a virtual windows 10 computer with the 'standard' suite of programs installed. 

NOTE:  Due to software licensing restrictions, not all software is available in all Windows 10 computer labs. 

For a list of what programs are installed on what computers, see the Computer Labs Technical Lists document.