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I would like to share the recording I made in Collaborate outside of my OnCourse course.



Step-by-step guide

  1. In OnCourse open the Collaborate session where it was created
  2. Click on the Recording Link
    Image of Recording link with red arrow pointing
  3. Once  you click the recording link, a page with the recording will begin to load
  4. Copy the link from the recording window as the page is loading
    1. **IMPORTANT** If you wait to copy the link until the recording has loaded all the way, the link that is copied won't work

      Image shows the Collaborate recording starting with the link ending in a series of letters and numbers being copied

  5. If the link was copied properly it should look like"a long series of letters and numbers"
    1. If the link was copied to late it will look like Closing the recording and reopening the recording will allow you to try again.


The steps above will allow you to share with individuals that are not registered for any course in OnCourse or share the recording in a different section from where the recording was created.

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