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b. If you click on the Attempt quiz now link you’ll be directed to the Quiz to begin your attempt.

Quiz is due. This dialog box appears when you click on a link in the Upcoming events block. The dialog box provides more information about the Quiz and includes a link to take the user to the Quiz to begin their attempt.


The OnCourse Dashboard (the page that loads after login) can be customized to include the Calendar Block and the Upcoming Events block. This will list all of the upcoming due dates across all the courses you are registered in. If these are not turned on for your Dashboard you can customize the page to include them.

  1. Access the Dashboard
  2. Press the "Customize the page" button in the top right-hand corner
  3. In the left-hand menu choose "Add a block."
  4. From the "Add a block" window choose Calendar or Upcoming Events.
  5. If these items don't appear in the list, they are already turned on in the page.

These blocks can be moved around using the green four-way arrows to drag-and-drop into other locations on the page. 

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