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To log into the secure Fredonia General (Web) VPN Service

This VPN service is used to remotely access University 

1. Using the web browser on your computer, browse to the URL

2. When you are prompted for your EServices eServices I.D. and password:

  • In the  field, type your EServices eServices I.D.
  • In the Password field, type your password.


3. To log in to the remote host, type your Username (e.g. ad\EService eService I.D.) and password. You must have a user account on the remote
host to log in. Note that the user name should be entered in the format above.
4. Select Launch. A login window opens.
5. Select Login.
6. To end the RDP session, Log out of Windows or select Cancel from the Logon window.


1. In Type, select VNC.
2. In the Host field, type the IP address of the VNC host.
3. Select Launch.
A login window opens.
4. Type your user name and password when prompted to log in to the remote host.
You must have a user account on the remote host to log in.
5. Select OK.
If you need to send Ctrl-Alt-Delete in your session, press F8, then select Send Ctrl-Alt-Delete from the pop-up
6. To end the VNC session, close the VNC window.


Mac users who use the web client to connect to their University Mac computer will need to set up a VNC password under the Sharing preference pane in System Preferences:

System Preferences > Sharing > Remote Management > Computer Settings > Check box for "VNC viewers may control screen with password" and enter a password
(There is an 8 character limit for that password)

When connecting to a Mac from the Web client, the user will pick Quick Connection > VNC > enter the computer name followed by and will also need to enter the VNC password from the previous step.

Adding bookmarks:

  1. Select Create New Bookmark and enter the following information:
    1. Category Select a category, or group, to include the bookmark. 
    2. If this is the first bookmark added, you will be prompted to add a category. 
    3. Otherwise, select Create from the drop-down list. 
    4. Name Enter a name for the bookmark. 
    5. Type Select the type of link from the drop-down list. 
    6. Provide a description.
  2. Click Save