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  • I have a new phone and the Duo app stopped working. What should I do?

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If you get a new phone, make sure you install and re-activate the Duo app. You can re-activate the Duo Mobile app on your new phone by going to the Settings menu in the Duo login screen (you have to logon to any service protected by Duo to get the login screen), selecting the My Settings and Devices option, go thru the Duo authentication by placing a call to the phone. Click on the phone number to go to the settings of your phone and select Reactivate Duo Mobile. Follow the instructions to install and add your account to Duo Mobile. 

NOTE: When adding a new device, it is easier to use an Incognito / Private Browser window to get to the Setting menu on a Duo login panel, than it is to completely log out of a browser.

If you have difficulties with this process, you can submit a ticket to the Information Technology Service Center at 

More information about this issue can be found here.

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