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 A security token (also referred to as a hardware token) is a small hardware device carried by a user to authorize access to a protected service. Fredonia supports standalone (USB) hardware tokens for two-factor authentication.

Fredonia currently offers the following options for hardware tokens for 2 factor authentication:

Option 1 - All faculty can be issued an optional hardware token to use as a secondary 2nd factor device for Duo Security. These hardware tokens are provided to the employee at no charge for the first token. The token is NYS property and needs to be returned to the ITS Service Center upon employee separation from service. If the employee loses the hardware token, the employee or department will need to replace it at their expense. Please visit the ITS Service Center located in Thompson Hall to be issued a hardware token.

Yubikey 4 or 5

Option 2 - If you prefer, you can get a small form-factor USB device used primarily for laptops. Departments are responsible for purchasing these hardware tokens and then provide them to the Information Security Office for initial (one-time) programming before they can be used with Duo.

Yubikey Nano


NOTE: For non-teaching faculty that wish to obtain a hardware token or to purchase a replacement, please contact Byron Hemingway ( for a quote.  After you receive the new token, please deliver it to the Information Security Office (ISO) located in Maytum 117 so it can be programmed for your account.

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