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During the Duo enrollment process you will see an option to add a Security Key.

What is a Security Key?

Known as a U2F authenticator, the device protects private keys with a tamper-proof component known as a secure element (SE).

There are no special drivers required; all you need is a supported web browser, operating system and a U2F device.

The U2F security key plugs into your USB port and when tapped or when the button is pressed it sends a signed response back to Duo to validate your login.

NOTE: These security keys are NOT provided by SUNY Fredonia, but you can purchase one on your own and you are free to add it as a second factor authentication with our Duo protected services.

U2F Security Key Requirements

In order to use a U2F security key with Duo, make sure you have the following:

Enroll your U2F Security Key

You can enroll your security key during the initial self-enrollment process or, if you have already enrolled in Duo using a different device (like your mobile phone), you can add your U2F token as an additional authentication device from the Settings menu in your Duo screen. To enroll your security key, please visit Enroll a Security Key with Duo Security for complete instructions.

Using your Security Key

The next time you log on using Duo, simply tap or insert your U2f security key to log in. Some types of keys flash as a prompt for you to authenticate. You do not need to explicitly select the U2F security key from the drop-down list of available devices to use it for authentication.