To update your photo, please request a new portrait at Marketing and Communications will update your "official" approved photo for the university. New faculty/staff photos are taken in the Photo Studio, located in the Marketing and Communications offices, on the first floor of Gregory Hall.

All faculty will have the opportunity to review their photos and select the final approved photo from the photo studio session at Marketing and Communications. 

Example of an approved faculty photo:

Dr. Lei Huang
Business Administration
School of Business

Faculty/Staff photo criteria:

Submitting an existing photo:

  1. If you have a new or existing high-quality faculty photo which you believe meets all of the above criteria, please email the high-resolution photo file to for consideration by Marketing & Communications.
  2. If you had a faculty photo which appeared on the Fredonia website in its former design that you believe meets the above criteria that you would like to continue to use, you will need to submit the high-resolution file to for consideration by Marketing & Communications. (The files on the former website were uploaded at a lower resolution than our current standards, so we will need the high resolution file.)
  3. If you had a recent photo taken after January 2016 at the Marketing and Communications photo studio that you would like to use, and that photo does not yet appear on the new website, you will need to indicate that selection to for it to be added to the website.

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